Friday, April 18, 2014

Love My Lashes!

Lash Extensions
Lashes have been such a life changer for me! Getting ready on a moments notice or just looking great at the gym! (Which I never wear a speck of makeup to! People recognize me now! ) My Hubby loves them too! I feel like I wake up beautiful! My most recent client said that lashes have done more for her than losing 90 pounds! Wow! That completely made my day! Below is a picture of me with lashes and a full face of makeup as well as another on the bottom showing only lashes. Enjoy!
xoxo -Kelli 

I loved having my lashes in Hawaii! They are a must! Below is a picture of me in Hawaii with no makeup on! If I could do one more thing I would tint my bottom lashes prior too! Then it would be even easier! Luckily I do have nice bottom lashes already plus having dark eyebrows helps in the ?no makeup" area.

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