Monday, October 14, 2013

Kellen & Jenessa: Wedding Sneak Peak!

Kellen & Jenessa Calaway
Hair Cut, Color, Extensions, Style & Makeup By: Kelli Miller


Mr. & Mrs O'Neil: Wedding Sneak Peak!

Mr. & Mrs O'Neil: Wedding Sneak Peak!
Wedding Makeup & Hair: Kelli Miller
I had such a wonderful time with Keely! We had a ball getting ready for her big day! We joked if we lived closer we would be newly married old people, because all we do so gym, work and movies with the hubby! I am so happy for these two and wish them the best of luck!


Kellen & Jenessa: Bridals Sneak Peak!!

Kellen & Jenessa


Lash Extension Giveaway on Facebook & Instagram!

 I recently did a lash extension giveaway! I am sorry I have so much work to do to get caught up on all my recent work. Thank you all for your patience and participation! We had over 100 applicants to choose from! Lash model  is Lindsey Polatis: Lashes by Kelli Miller

Alissa: Hair Melt & Layered Cut!

Alissa wanted pretty low maintenance hair while she is in college and this is what we came up with!
Color, Cut & Style : Kelli Miller


Jenessa Jensen: Before & After

Getting ready for the BIG day! Tomorrow she is having bridals taken then next week we will be doing hair, makeup and lashes for the wedding!
Cut, Highlights, Lowlights, Brow Wax & Extensions!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013