Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Must Have Beauty Products for Brides

Must Have Beauty Products for Brides

I recently wrote a post for Saint George Weddings!! Check out the full article here!
Today we have a special treat for you!  Kelli Miller, from Kelli Miller Beauty, is going to teach us how to get gorgeous by sharing her very favorite “must have” beauty products!
Skincare.  Every bride wants clear, glowing skin on her wedding day.  Here are my top 2 must have products that will make that happen for you!
1.  Clarisonic
I use my Clarisonic twice a day. You can use it in the shower, which makes it very convenient!  The Clarisonic removes dirt, oil, and other impurities better than face wash alone.  Using this will help your skin glow on your wedding day.
2.  Purity Facial Cleanser by Philosophy
I love Purity facial cleanser for my face . . . and it is great for cleaning my makeup brushes, too!  The Purity cleanser dissolves dirt and makeup and deep cleans pores.  It smells fantastic, and is infused with sage, chamomile, and carrot.
Make Up.  On your wedding day, you want your make up to look fabulous and stay where it’s meant to stay.  These products will help you achieve a gorgeous, lasting look for big day!  
3.  Bobbi Brown Gel Liner
Bobbi Brown Gel Liner is a must, and it comes in so many beautiful colors. This liner is great for people who have oily eyelids or have trouble keeping eyeliner on.  It lasts all day!
4.  Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color:
Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color is a full lip stick, which means it has lots of pigment. It comes in beautiful colors, with an option perfect for every skin tone.
5.  Bobbi Brown BBU face palette
I have every foundation, corrector and concealer colors of the Bobbi Brown face palette. This product is a must for makeup artists. It gives me the confidence that I can give my clients their most important asset, beautiful skin.
6.  MAC Fix+
MAC Fix+ is great for setting makeup and for prepping skin.  This is definitely a must have for traveling, and keeping your skin looking great!  Plus, you won’t waste time touching up your make up on your wedding day . . . this will help your foundation stay on for hours!
Hair.  The last thing any bride wants on her wedding day is to have a bad hair day.  You want a look that has a lot of texture, and a lot of hold.  These products will help you have natural looking hair with staying power!
7.  Kenra Dry shampoo
This dry shampoo is great for updos, and for achieving more volume and workable hair.  I use this on my clients all the time–even if they don’t have dirty hair to start.  Dry shampoo gives the hair a lot of texture, and a lot of grip.  It will even help your hair curl better!
8.  Kenra Flexible hold hair spray
Kenra has won beauty awards for their hair spray for YEARS. I have used Kenra for years too it never lets me down!  This hairspray adds staying power without being sticky.  Your hair will be touchably soft, and natural looking–but, it will stay put!
So, next time you’re out shopping for beauty products, be sure to keep these in mind!  Believe me, you definitely won’t regret it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Spencer & Shealeen


Spencer & Shealeen

Hair & Makeup: Kelli Miller

Want to see more of this gorgeous wedding. Better check out the St George Weddings blog!!!

Planning & Styling: Middle Aisle & Irresistible Weddings
Photography: AK Studio & Design
Floral: Bloomers
Videography: Forevermore Media
Wedding Dress: Lauren James Bridal
Hair & Makeup: Kelli Miller
Jewelry & Accessories: Katie Dotson Designs
Grooms Suit: Celebrate The Occasions
Grooms Ring: Jonny Roxx
Invitations: Love to Announce
Paper Details & Signage: Kortney Eggertz Design
Venue: Sand Hollow Reception Center
DJ: Festival Sound
Photo Booth: Vintage Photo Booth
Wedding Cake: Sweet Cakes
Catering: Endless Possibilities

Friday, July 13, 2012

Chelsea + Trevor Bridal's

Chelsea & Trevor's Bridal Photoshoot

Hair Color, Cut, Extensions, Style & Makeup by Kelli Miller
  Photography by Chantel Marie

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fall & Holiday Seasonal School

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Fall & Holiday Seasonal School

It is that time of year again! I love our seasonal schooling with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. I feel so luck to have a job that I love and have so much fun doing! I am looking forward to attending and seeing our Bobbi educator Faith Edwards. I will be attending this education on June 19, 2012. 
Thanks Bobbi Brown!

I had such a great time learning new tips, tricks and new products coming out. Thanks Bobbi Brown for the wonderful gratis too!
Photo by Ashley Hamblin my Bobbi Brown Freelance co-worker

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jeff + Harmony

Jeff + Harmony

Dress: David's bridal
Hair and Makeup:  Kelli Miller 
Photography: Roz Photography (

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fresh Summer

Fresh Summer

"And we are so thrilled to show off the amazing work of Kelli Miller Beauty. She is truly the best.

We love how the hair and makeup looks so natural and flawless yet so sophisticated at the same time.

 We can not express enough how important it is to have the best professional help you complete your bridal look. This is your big day girls…make it a look that will last a lifetime!!!  " - Saint George

Weddings Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012

To read and see the rest of this article in Saint George Weddings click on the following link!

Photography : AK Studio & Design
Wedding Coordination & Design: Irresistible Weddings Decor & Event Planning
Wedding Gown: Celebrate the Occasions Bridal
Hair Style & Makeup : Kelli Miller Hair & Makeup & Assistant Bree Seegmiller
Jewelry: Katie Dotson Designs
Floral: Boomers Bloomers
Venue: Burgess Park

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chelsea + Trevor: Bridal Teaser

Chelsea + Trevor
Enjoy this mini preview!

Hair Extensions, Hair Color, Cut, Style & Makeup: Kelli Miller
Photography: Chantel Marie

Also Chelsea + Trevor's engagements photos which I worked on were featured on Saint George Weddings!

The True Nature of Love
Click on the link to read the whole article.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Hairstyles for Face Shape

How To Find Out Your Face Shape 
To determine the shape of your face, pull back all your hair and take a good look in the mirror
You can draw the outline of your face on the mirror with lipstick, eyeliner or dry erase marker (they will wipe off with a good window cleaner). Then stand back and take a good look.

Still not sure?

Here is another way to determine the shape of your face:
You can measure your face with a tape measure and write down the measurements. You will be able to determine the places on your face that are wide or narrow.
1.       Run a tape measure across your forehead at the widest point. This is usually halfway between your hairline and your eyebrows. Write this measurement down.
2.       Run a tape measure across your jawline from one end to the other at the widest point. Write this measurement down.
3.       Run a tape measure across your cheekbones at the widest point. Write this measurement down.
4.       Run a tape measure from the start of your hairline to the bottom of your face. Write this measurement down.
Now check your measurements to find out which shape your face is.
Best Hairstyles For Face Shape
One of the things I have always done is find a celebrity who has my same face shape. I watch their hair styles especially when they are on the red carpet. Why? Because celebrities always strive to look PERFECT for the red carpet. Yes there are some crazy celebrities out there, but I like to find classy celebrities. It helps determine for yourself if a look will be flattering or not. Celebrities pay top stylists to tweek and care for their lushes locks.
These are some of my suggestsions and tips for choosing flattering cuts and styles.
Square: Your measurements are very close in number and your face has a square look to it.
If you have a square face you'll notice you have a strong, angular jaw. The best hairstyle for your facial shape is something with a lot of texture. Curls or choppy ends or even short spiky cuts are right up your alley! Avoid blunt cut bang hairstyles at all costs!
I have a square face and I love my face shape, especially my angular jaw! I think it is a beautiful asset. Having a square face right now is great, especially since beach waves are really in! I do have a middle part which they say isn't the best but that is the great thing about fashion! These are guidelines not rules!
Other celebrities are: Carmen Electra, Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Sandra Bullock, Eliza Dushku, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Janet Jackson,  Isabella Rosellini, Mandy Moore, Ashley Judd, Hilary Swank, Mena Suvari, Calista Flockhard
Oval: The length of your face is longer than the width of your face, usually around one and a half times.
 If your face is oval shaped you are very lucky! The best part of having an oval fave shape is that you can pull of nearly any hairstyle or hair shape! If you are still struggling about what looks best on you go with what looks best with your hair texture and choosing proper hair color for you skin tone.
Other celebrities with your same face shape: Kate Moss, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Eva Mendez, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Cox, Elle MacPherson, Heather Locklear, Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba and Julia Roberts.
Heart: Your cheekbones or forehead measurements are wider than your jawline measurement. You tend to have a narrow chin which leads up to a broad forehead. The cheekbones are very visible.
Hear shape or Inverted Triangle is such a beautiful face shape! Having a pointy chin is seemingly the death of some girls, but I think they are gorgeous! The best hairstyles for your face shape will draw the focus more to your eyes and cheekbones. Try a side swept fringe and a strong part. Keep your layers long and soft and avoid short, blunt cut bangs!.
Other celebrities with hear shape face: Mischa Barton, Keri Russell, Katie Holmes, and Christina Ricci, Michelle Pfeifer, Naomi Cambell, Lisa Kudrow
Oblong or Long: the length of your face is your largest measurement. Your face is long and thin with a more pointed chin.
Long: If you have a long face, you probably desire the perfect hair cut that doesn’t drag down your face and adds length. Right? Well, then you most certainly need to add some brow-skimming bangs. A chin length bob will help create the illusion on width so feel free to head in that direction. Just avoid the pixie cut which will make you look like a little girl!
Other Celebrities: Celine Dion, Gabrielle Reece, Niki Taylor, Stephanie Seymour, Gwynet Paltrow and Kristie Alley
Round: Your measurements are about the same for the length and the width. You face has a definite circle look to it. You face is very full without clearly defined cheekbones.
Round faces can be hard to accommodate, but don’t despair! There is a great ‘do for this face shape as well and I’m going to try to help you find it! What you need to do is to make your face appear longer and leaner, and to do this you’ll need a cut with less volume around the face. A shoulder length hair cut with soft graduated layers is your ideal style. You can have bangs if you like, but keep them long and side swept.
Other celebrities with round  face shapes: Drew Barrymore, Catherine Zeta Jones, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Osbourne, Charlotte Chruch, Ingrid Bergman,  Roseanne Barr
Triangular: Your jawline is your widest measurement and your cheekbones and forehead get gradually smaller. This is the opposite of a heart shaped face. You can wear shorter hair styles to balance this out.
Try styles with more fullness at the forehead and get gradually narrower at the chin. Try centering your hair off to the side instead of right down the middle for a more slender looking face.
Celebrities with Triangle: Kathy Ireland, Nicole Appleton, Minnie Driver
Diamond: Your forehead and jawline measurements are about the same and your cheekbones have the widest measurement.
This face shaped has a small forehead and chin with very prominent cheekbones. It lends itself to a variety of hair styles. A shoulder length blunt cut with some wispy bangs will disguise the fact that your face is widest in the center. This hairstyle will even out the proportions of your face.
You can also wear a short curly layered cut and accomplish the same thing. Your cheekbones are your best asset so be sure to give them a little blush.
Celebrities with diamond: Katherine Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Linda Evangelista

With all that said and done...

Finding the best hairstyles for your face shape really isn’t hard once you understand the lines, angles, and curves of your bone structure. While it’s common for someone to walk into a salon with a certain celebrity haircut that they want in mind, remember that the key to finding the best hairstyles for your face shape means having a hair cut that works with your facial structure, not against it. But again these are just guidelines to help those who want to compliment their facial feature. I hope this information was helpful to you all! Thanks!