Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Television Commercial

Working as a makeup artist & stylists for TV Commercials with Lone Peak Productions from SLC & Casting Director Danielle Wolverton

Sky Mountain Golf Course
Hurrican, UT

 Kayenta, UT

Friday, November 25, 2011

Before & After: Markel & Broklyn

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Markel Before

Getting ready for the photoshoot.

We used individual false eyelashes just on the top to give Markel long flirty lashes.

Tear Sheet
Markel's eyes were beautiful. It was great to see her astonishment when she looked at the photo and the first words out of her mouth were, "Wow, look at my eyes!"

Markel has beautiful blue eyes and wanted to make them pop. As you can see I chose a gold and lightly bronzed look.
Broklyn Before

After Tear Sheet
This is actually a photo of Kate Moss out of Kevin Aucoin's book. He was an amazing makeup artist and I highly suggest anyone to look at his books. I love this photo of Broklyn, she is flirty, and having a great time. What a great shot, thanks to my photographer.
This is a fun summer look. Its full of color and its very playful
Broklyn, Me, Markel
Thank you Broklyn, Markel and Barbara for being wonderful models.
You all look absolutely beautiful.
Makeup Artist & Stylist: Kelli Miller


These are some of the Halloween Gore projects I have done over the past few years.

Who knew you could make something look so horrifying with only tissue paper, cotton balls, spirit gum, wax, Laytex, and blood!

Staples in the NECK! Connor's neck was al ot of fun to do, it was one of my new gore makeup experiments!
Road rash anyone?

Corbin joked that he was the victim of a girl friend who didn't take the break up very well.... haha so men beware of the EX GIRLFRIEND!
It is a bit painful to take off! Corbins painful facial expressions and ripping at what looks like skin just makes me feel the Halloween Spirit all over! Luckily Corbin is a tough kid and loved the gore for Halloween and said it was well worth the pain
 Connor is sporting a LARGE bullet wound.
Corbin is featuring a head wound with lots of glass shards protruding out. The great thing about head wounds is they bleed a lot so it makes it fun to look dramatic. (Of course real head wounds are great but you know what I mean!)
 Ben Nye products are what I use for gore makeup. They are the best!
Cute little girl in our ward their family was over visiting for Halloween. So she took a picture with me...even through I think she was a bit terrified! This is kind of a funny one. I used lots of different titles as to what I was that night. Sometimes I was a dumb blonde, other times meyham, and others on the spot. It was quite fun!
Add some color to the skull instead of making it all black and white.

Fat lips, black eyes, skin falling off, and a bullet wound! Connor loved it. He told me the school pulled him out of class to get his photo for the year book. He was pumped!
Taking it off....can be a bit painful.
 Here is gore shown in segments.
BeforePhase 1

Now have fun with it by adding bruises, a black eye and messy hair.


Modeling has always been a great experience. I enjoy seeing my photos spontaneously around town. This is the most recent. I was told about this one last friday. The first link takes you to the main site. This second link takes you to you home page with me in the little icon. Go ahead and take a look yourself!
This is the istockphoto original photo of the above advertisment.
A select few other stock modeling photos


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nordstrom is having a cosmetics trend show Saturday, October 24th from 8:30 - 5:00 pm at the Fashion Show mall. This is your chance to meet and mingle with the experts to learn about the latest trends and tips.
The show will feature the newest makeup, skincare, and fragrances. Tickets are $15, which is redeemable toward your purchases the day of the show. You will also receive a special gift just for attending the show. Get your tickets before they run out by calling 702-862-2525 and ask for cosmetics.

Your favorite brands will all be there along with a special appearance by Dr. Robert Rey of "Dr. 90210". You can also register for a special consultation with Dr. Rey. Space is limited, tickets are $40 and redeemable toward products from the Sensual Solutions Skincare line created by Dr. Rey. To reserve your appointment, call the Nordstrom cosmetics department.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Zorana and I were sporting our red lips for the Holiday Event.

Miss Dixie going to Miss Utah

My most recent work beside working Vegas was doing makeup for Miss Utah contestant Miss Dixie Alana Lee. Here are some photos of her head shots that she will be using for this up and coming Miss Utah competition. Alana looks beautiful! Like I always says "Making beautiful people look beautiful make my job easy!" Alana lee is definitely a classic beauty!
Makeup Artist: Kelli Miller

Miss Washington County Fair: Ginger Jensen

Miss Washington County Fair: Ginger Jensen

Ginger Jensen and her family are great to work with! They are so funny, we were laughing the whole time. Ginger is such a great girl with a wonderful personality, and I can see where she get its from. Ginger's Mother and Sister are so lively and comical. Good Luck Ginger!

Makeup Artist: Kelli Miller

Karman Wilson Miss Washington County Fair Scholarship Director

Karman Wilson is the Director for the Miss Washington County Fair Scholarship Organization.
For any of you girls who are wanting to compete you all should! Karman is a very intellectual and bright woman who has much to offer any girl thinking about trying out for Miss Utah.

 On Karman we did false eyelashes and contoured the eyelid which made for a beautiful photo.

Makeup Artist: Kelli Miller
This day they actually taped me doing Karman's and Ginger's makeup while I taught them tips and tricks about applying makeup.