Friday, November 25, 2011

Makeup Artist Must Have

BBU Face Palette

"Inspired by Bobbi's can't-live-without palette—the one she uses at photo shoots and fashion shows—the BBU Palette is the ultimate face palette for pros and aspiring artists alike." - Bobbi Brown
The coverage is amazing and the finish is outstanding. One of my models had horrible skin with severe acne...this foundation made her look AMAZING!  Thank you Bobbi for this amazing palette this is a must have staple for any makeup artist.

 Bobbi Brown Face Shade Chart

This chart is amazing! I love having it at the makeup counter. Of course its best to use your eye to see if colors match but this definitley cuts down on time and the guessing game. Specially if they have been using Bobbi Brown's foundations we double check the foundation color then go to this chart if needed. Of course when you work at the counter long enough you memorize this. This helps people to find their best match faster and easier. I find many women go to the counter and find it overwhelming or that the help is uneducated. Now all of you women out there can know that Bobbi Brown like always takes care of her consumers.

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