Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shampooing Your Locks The Right Way!

Make all the difference in your hair now! 

Start shampooing your hair the right way!

Hair is usually very healthy at the roots, but the mid-shaft and ends tend to be dry and brittle. This is true because we over shampoo our hair as well as pile all our hair on top of our heads when we shampoo. Am I right? Does this look like you in the shower?

This picture is a BIG NO NO!!!

The ends and mid-shaft of your hair doesn't need to be scrubbed with shampoo. The run off of shampoo with clean the rest of your hair. 
The right way to shampoo your hair is to shampoo the roots of your hair where there is the most oil. Massage your entire scalp this way, especially around your hair line where it tends to be the oiliest part. 
Below is a picture of the proper way to shampoo your lovely locks. With your fingertips, letting your hair fall to your shoulders and massaging the scalp. 

Many times the bottle will say rinse, lather and repeat. I not do this. Everyday shampooing only requires one round. Companies just want you to use more of their product so you spend more money. 
Save your lovely locks and your money this way! You will notice a huge difference!

Inspiration of this Post: from You are Beautiful by Ken Paves pg 67-68

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