Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miss Nevada Alana Lee Gives recognition to (me!) Kelli Miller

Below is the following interview. The highlighted portion is where my good friend and client gives me recognition. Thank you Alana for sending me this article and link! Also, thank you for the recognition it is much appreciated!
Judith August, Founder Judith August Cosmetics, recently spent some time with Alana Lee, Miss Nevada 2011.  She asked Alana about her Miss Nevada experience and how she looks so good on and off the stage.

(segment from interview)

Judith:  Did you do your own make-up for the evening?

Alana: I did. I have a wonderful friend named Kelli Miller who has taught me everything I know about make-up. It’s priceless knowledge but the actual make-up comes with a price tag unfortunately! Thank goodness for sponsors who continue to help me afford these expenses.